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Laser Dentistry | Park City, Salt Lake City, Midway & Heber, UT

The implementation of laser technology in the field of dentistry allows Dr. Peterson to provide patients with an innovative, noninvasive method of treatment for a multitude of dental problems. Laser (light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation) dentistry focuses light energy into a narrow beam that produces a reaction when it hits tissue. This reaction allows for the removal or reshaping of tissue, which can be accomplished without pain or surgical sutures.

We are proud to provide Laser Dentistry as a safe, effective treatment option at Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry for all of our Salt Lake City, Park City, Midway, and Heber, Utah patients.

Hard Tissue Uses

  • Cavity Removal – Laser dentistry can kill bacteria in a cavity, usually without the need for local anesthesia and traditional drilling tools. Using Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) technology, Dr. Peterson commands greater precision, effectiveness, and efficiency in treating cavities. Laser Dentistry prevents the occurrence of micro-fractures, tooth erosion, and pain and damage caused by conventional heat treatments. By using laser dentistry, a stronger bond is formed between your tooth and the filling resulting in a longer-lasting product.
  • Treating Tooth Sensitivity – Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, about one in eight Americans. Providing treatment to patients with tooth sensitivity can be challenging, but by sealing the dental tubules in the root of an affected tooth using laser dentistry, patients can see real results.

Soft Tissue Uses

  • Treating Excessive Gingival Display (EGD) – Also known as a “gummy smile,” presenting with teeth that are hidden behind gum tissue can lead to a less than ideal smile ratio and affect self-confidence as a result. Lasers can be used to remove excess gum tissue exposing the underlying tooth surface and create a more visually appealing smile for our patients.
  • Treating Gum Disease/Periodontitis – Dr. Peterson’s dual-wavelength Er:YAG and Nd:YAG dental lasers are produced by Fotona and can quickly, simply, and effectively treat gum disease.
  • Crown Lengthening – By reshaping gum and bone tissue, lasers provide a healthier tooth structure for dentists to build future restorations on.
  • Treating Frenulum Attachment – The frenulum is the fold of tissue directly under the tongue that anchors it to the bottom of your mouth. When the frenulum is too thick or too tight, it can lead to trouble breastfeeding for infants and speaking for young children. By laser treating the frenulum, dentists can either shorten or completely remove the frenulum alleviating complications.
  • Soft Tissue Fold Removal – Wearing traditional dentures can translate to a variety of dental concerns over time, one of these being dental folds. Dental folds, while mostly harmless, can grow to become very uncomfortable for patients and are a result of ill-fitting dentures continuously irritating tissue. Through the use of laser dentistry, Dr. Peterson can remove these tissue folds without inflicting pain on the patient or requiring sutures after the procedure.

Additional Treatment Applications of Laser Dentistry

  • Tumor Removal – Lasers can remove tumors painlessly and suture-free from the soft tissues of the mouth including the palate, gums, and sides of the lips and cheeks.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment – As opposed to other more traditional OSA treatments like continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines which can affect the patient’s quality of life, laser dentistry treatment doesn’t require the use of any device. In cases where the sleep apnea is a result of tissue overgrowth, Dr. Peterson can instead use lasers to reshape the throat and relieve the patient’s airway from the breathing obstruction.
    • One of the treatments available is NightLase®, which consists of three to five separate treatment sessions separated by 21-30 days. NightLase® optimizes the length of laser pulses, which allows heat to penetrate tissues both safely and gently enough to be used on sensitive tissue like that inside the mouth.
  • TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) Treatment – Lasers emit photons of light deep into tissues. This capability of lasers makes them an essential resource for dentists treating patients with TMD. Light photons emitted by the lasers used in laser dentistry, treat inflammation at its source deep within the tissue affected. This method of treatment helps reduce both pain and inflammation in the joint which has been shown to reduce headache pain associated with TMD as well.
  • Nerve Regeneration – Because lasers can penetrate deep into tissues, they can also serve to stimulate the regeneration of damaged blood vessels, nerves, and scars.
  • Teeth Whitening – The utilization of laser dentistry has also proven effective in speeding up the bleaching process used during teeth-whitening sessions.

A Noninvasive Alternative

Many of the roadblocks for patients to go to the dentist involve an aversion to drills and shots. By incorporating laser technology into our dental practice, we provide a safe, more accessible option to patients who struggle with going to the dentist. Roughly 90% of the fillings we do utilizing laser dentistry to remove cavities and prepare teeth for fillings are done without a shot and are virtually pain-free. Afterward, patients report little to no sensitivity and are happy to report a lack of the traditional numbed feeling after they leave.

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