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Why Should I Remove My Silver Fillings?

There are several reasons for patients to come to us to have their back teeth restored. Many people are concerned with the health risk of mercury and other metals. Some people just think they are ugly and do not want them in their mouth anymore. Others are tired of them breaking and then suffering the inconvenience, pain and expense of taking care of them.

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filingMost of the dentistry that is done on adults today is a direct result of the ongoing damage that these fillings do to their teeth. They make them very weak (losing up to 80% of their strength) and they leak at the margins allowing decay to begin under them.

Eventually the teeth are broken down to the point that extensive dental work is needed. Things like root canals, dental crowns, split teeth and dental implants are all related to these large failing fillings. Most of these old silver fillings “grow up” to be crowns some day.

In the past the only solutions were to either place another silver/mercury filling in the tooth, or grind it down to place a crown on it.

One of the most significant advances in dentistry has been the ability to bond our newer, non-metal materials to the tooth. This allows us to restore a tooth back to very near its original strength and beauty.

Dr. Paul Peterson is uniquely qualified for this type of work. He constantly studying the latest in materials an-d techniques for adhesive and conservative dentistry. The combination of his experience and attention to detail means that you as the patient are going to get the best, longest lasting restorations possible.

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