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Our cosmetic dentistry patients repeatedly tell us how an improved smile gives them a stronger sense of confidence. In that way, cosmetic dentistry can influence a number of quantifiable effects on your life from being more successful and more extroverted to just feeling better about yourself and life in general. An attractive smile can be a real life-changer. Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference. Every person’s vision and goal for how they want their mouth to eventually look is a little different. While in some cases, these changes will also benefit the function of the mouth, others can be purely cosmetic. With all of the options currently available for patients, Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry has something for everyone. Dr. Peterson continually updates his techniques and materials to maintain his position on offering the latest innovative procedures to his patients. Come visit us today or continue to read on and visit us later! We have great cosmetic dentistry services seen below.

Enhanced Cosmetic Dentistry

The cosmetic dentistry performed at Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry is both informed and bettered by the Face Forward approach of Dr. Peterson. This thinking is supported by the fact that creating a stable, effective foundation improves the quality and appearance of future dental restorations.
Dr. Peterson’s Face Forward approach to cosmetic dentistry creates superior results and happier, more satisfied patients.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are thin porcelain laminates custom-fitted by Dr. Peterson and affixed to the surface of your teeth. Veneers are used to fix a variety of dental problems. These problems can include broken or chipped teeth, crooked or misaligned teeth, discolored or stained teeth, gaps between teeth, and worn teeth.

Dental veneers from Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry are made from the highest quality porcelain. Depending on your specific dental needs and goals we will be able to help you choose the best solution for you. Dr Peterson takes a very hands on approach to helping each patient understand what is possible with their personal smile design. Through collaboration with one of the most accomplished ceramists in the world, Master Ceramist Mike Milne, Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry veneers provide superior results to our patients.

Prepless Veneers

Prepless veneers are thinner than other porcelain veneers. They can be bonded over the top of your teeth with little or no drilling.

  • Temporary veneers are not required while you wait for permanent ones to be made in the lab because your teeth have not been noticeably shaped.
  • Minimal work is done on the teeth.
  • The procedure may be reversible because little to none of the actual tooth structure is removed.

Smile Makeover

Depending on your specific needs, a full smile makeover may include any combination of tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns, dental inlays, dental implants, or orthodontics including Invisalign®. These procedures can have transformative effects on patient’s smiles.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening products are used to brighten teeth that have been stained, darkened, or discolored by food, tobacco use, age, or injury. There are a variety of in-office and take-home teeth whitening products on the market that can reduce or eliminate stains.

  • Over-the-counter products
    • Rinses, toothpastes, and gels – lower-strength products that only make contact with dental surfaces for a limited amount of time.
    • Whitening strips – providing a longer exposure of active ingredients to the tooth surface, whitening strips can brighten the color of teeth surfaces by a few shades
  • Professional whitening
    • Teeth whitening trays – custom made trays containing higher-grade whitening agents than are available over-the-counter
    • Deep bleaching – KÖR Whitening incorporates in-office whitening and take-home trays
    • BrightSmile/Zoom II – a protective barrier is placed overtop of the gums, followed by a gel applied to the teeth and then light activated

Laser Gum Shaping

Laser gum contouring can remove excess gum tissue around your teeth in order to expose more of the crown of your tooth. This can result in a fuller, more complete smile for the patient simply by exposing dental tissue already there.

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Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry proudly provides Park City, Salt Lake City, Heber, Midway, Duchesne, Vernal, and their surrounding areas in Utah with superior Cosmetic Dentistry services. Call today for your consultation at 435-503-8841 or complete a Contact Form here to learn more.

Why choose Dr. Peterson as your cosmetic dentist?

He has received multiple awards for his excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Most recently, he received the People’s Choice award and an award for his full mouth reconstruction work at the IAPA conference.
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