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Gum Disease Questions

My Gums Aren’t bleeding. Do I Need A Dental Screening?

Many people are not aware they have an infection in the deeper areas of the pockets around their teeth. Their toothbrush and floss simply don’t reach these areas, so they don’t see any bleeding. In the meantime, the bacteria freely pass into the bloodstream creating havoc to the body’s organs. It is imperative that a dental screening of the gums is performed that measures pocket depths and bleeding points by the dental hygienist or dentist. It is the only way to be sure of the health of the gums.

Are Bleeding Gums Dangerous?

It is not normal to brush your hair and your scalp bleeds, or wash your hands and your hands bleed. There should be zero tolerance for bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are dangerous for your health. Many cardiologists now view bleeding gums as an indicator of possible heart disease. Half of all heart attack and stroke patients have normal cholesterol levels. Gum disease does cause an increase in C- Reactive Protein levels and “bad” cholesterol levels.

Can Gum Disease Be Treated Non-surgically?

Traditionally in years past, gum disease was treated with scaling and root planing of the tooth roots and elimination of the pockets around the teeth by cutting away the gum tissue. Many of the side effects of gum surgery were painful post-op recovery, sensitive teeth, and food impaction between the teeth where the gums were cut away. Many times this occurred several times throughout the patient’s life because the gum disease would return. Exposed roots also meant higher decay rates because the root surface was not covered by enamel, which is more decay resistant.

Complete measurement of the gum pocket depths of all the teeth and bleeding sites. X-rays indicate where there is bone destruction.

  • Classification of the severity of the gum disease that indicates necessary treatment.
  • Home care instructions and helpful tools, such as Hydrofloss or a Sonicare toothbrush.
  • Closys rinse, formulated specifically to aid in the treatment of gum disease and eliminate offensive breath odors.
  • Routine teeth cleaning. Or if needed:
  • “Deep” cleaning of the root surfaces to remove embedded bacteria and toxins off the tooth root surfaces.
  • Arestin antibiotic therapy
  • Laser treatment of gum pockets
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