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Could SphenoCath Reduce Your Headaches?

Are you one of the 50 million Americans who experience headaches? It’s not surprising – headaches are the second most common ailment to the common cold, but they can often be just as debilitating, especially the headache type known as migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches affect an estimated 38 million people each year, and many are so severe that patients seek medical attention to heal or prevent them. Unfortunately, many still struggle with over the counter and prescription medications not working or not working well enough to cure their headache, and the headaches recur, causing major disruptions to their life.

This is why Dr. Peterson offers SphenoCath. SphenoCath is a headache solution designed to alleviate headaches. The procedure lasts just 15 minutes, and though it is described as uncomfortable, it’s not painful, and the results are well worth the discomfort. The SphenoCath procedure is designed to stop painful migraine headaches in their tracks, and can be done right in Dr. Peterson’s office.

What is SphenoCath?

The SphenoCath treatment is a catheter that delivers a block that delivers medication directly to the sphenopalatine ganglion, a group of nerve cells located under the tissue lining the back of your nose. This action targets the nerve cells associated with many headaches, including migraine headaches.

How is it performed?

Dr. Peterson will have you lie down, and the SphenoCath catheter will be inserted through the nose until it reaches the upper part of your nasal bone. There, the anesthetic is delivered. Dr. Peterson will repeat the procedure in the other nasal cavity as well. You will remain in the lying position for a short duration of time (seven to ten minutes) and then your SphenoCath is complete.

What can I expect?

Following your SphenoCath procedure, approximately 80 percent of patients experience relief of at least one migraine symptom, while two out of three patients can expect up to 100 percent of relief of symptoms within one day. Furthermore, nearly sixty percent report cessation of symptoms at the one month mark, while 50 percent note symptom cessation at the three-month mark.

To learn more about the SphenoCath procedure, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office for a consultation today.

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