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Smart Robots Could Someday Diagnose Sleep Apnea

Having trouble sleeping but don’t know why? Do you feel the effects during the day with excessive tiredness, lethargy, or sluggishness? Are you feeling depressed or low without explanation, or do you notice worsening symptoms of pre-existing conditions like diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease? You could have an undiagnosed condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is the stopping and restarting of breathing continuously throughout the night. It often causes the affected person to wake repeatedly, or to snore loudly, disrupting the sleep of their partner. Thankfully, those with a sleep partner can easily get help, because that partner can alert them to any irregularities in their sleep pattern. Unfortunately, for those without partners or who sleep alone, sleep apnea can be hard to identify.

This is one reason the people behind Amazon’s popular Alexa robots have begun to design a new artificially intelligent robot called Brahms. Brahms is a sleep monitor that is named after the composer who wrote the classical song “Lullabye.”

Though still under development, designers hope to one day sell Brahms to the public as a sleep monitor that will keep its virtual eye on sleep patterns, and potentially even pre-screen for sleep apnea. This would be especially beneficial for those who sleep alone.

In the meantime, while Brahms is still in the development stage, there are things you can do to monitor your sleep patterns on your own, with or without the assistance of a sleep partner. Many smart devices are already equipped with some form of sleep monitoring technology, such as smartwatches and fitness tracking devices. If you suspect sleep apnea, investing in one of these devices may be a worthwhile expense.

If you are concerned about your sleep habits, speak to your physician about conducting a sleep study. While a sleep study used to mean spending the night in a sleep facility, today many people opt to borrow a device that can monitor sleep from the comfort of their own home.

Once your sleep study is complete, you have more options such as CPAP therapy or a custom sleep orthotic. Dr. Peterson offers sleep dentistry solutions that are generally more effective than CPAP therapy because they are more comfortable and more likely to be used than a cumbersome CPAP machine.

To learn more about sleep dentistry and how Dr. Peterson can help you, please contact the office today and schedule a consultation.

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