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Sleep Apnea Dangers in Children

It’s tough to be a kid these days. With school pressure, extracurriculars, and the prevalence of social media, kids today are more stressed than ever. Naturally, it can be hard for them to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy sleep schedule. But now, researchers are warning parents to keep a close eye on their children’s weight, which could be affected by these stressors. That’s because obesity and overweight in children could increase their risk of another problem: obstructive sleep apnea.

Though it is not as common in children as it is in adults, obstructive sleep apnea is becoming increasingly common in kids. This is due in many cases to more children being overweight in recent years. Overweight can cause pressure on the airway when children sleep, causing the airway to collapse. This is obstructive sleep apnea. Those with obstructive sleep apnea struggle to breathe at night, with their breath stopping and restarting repeatedly. This can also cause repeated waking, snoring, or snorting noises throughout the night. This can result in daytime problems such as cognitive impairment, lethargy, and even depression. It can also increase weight gain in children, and that weight gain has researchers concerned,

Weight gain in children can increase their blood pressure and lead to further weight gain later in life.

While some children have obstructive sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils or adenoids, and some even outgrow their sleep apnea, doctors are concerned that children who do not fit into these categories (or get their tonsils and/or adenoids removed) may be at higher risk for major problems as an adult.

That’s why it is imperative for parents to know the warning signs of sleep apnea, and to address this dangerous condition as early as possible.

If your child is overweight or obese, getting them on a healthy diet early on is imperative when preventing or reducing the signs of sleep apnea. If you believe your child may have sleep apnea, speak to your physician about your options. If you believe you may have sleep apnea, speak to Dr. Peterson about your own options, such as a custom made sleep orthotic which can help prop open your airway as you sleep.

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