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CPAP May Not Be Effective For Elderly Users


If you have sleep apnea, you’ve likely heard of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy. CPAP therapy is often prescribed to patients with sleep apnea as a way to keep their airways open while they sleep. CPAP therapy uses a machine called a CPAP machine to force air down the throat so the user is able to breathe without the airway collapsing. But while it’s effective for some, a new study has found that CPAP therapy may not be the best solution for certain patients: the elderly.


The study was conducted by The Hospital Universitario y Politecnico La Fe in Valencia, Spain, and published in the January issue of the journal Sleep Medicine.


According to the Journal, while CPAP therapy was found to be effective for all users, it was only used on average 4.3 hours among participants (more on that later). It also found that among patients aged 80 and older, the CPAP therapy was simply not as effective as it was for younger patients.


So does that mean if you’re 80 or older you should ditch your CPAP machine? Of course not. But if you are looking for a solution to replace traditional CPAP therapy, Dr. Peterson may have the answer.


Dr. Peterson offers sleep apnea sleep orthotics that can be used in place of traditional CPAP therapy.  These devices are custom molded to the individual’s mouth and fit comfortably in place. These devices prop the mouth in such a way that the airway is propped open as well. This enables the wearer to breathe comfortably as they sleep. They are portable, easy to clean, require no electricity, and are generally found to be much more comfortable than CPAP masks. Furthermore, because custom sleep orthotics are more comfortable, they are more likely to be worn each night, and more likely to be kept in place all night, unlike CPAP machines which are often removed during the evening, rendering them less effective.


If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Peterson can help you get the solutions you need for your sleep apnea diagnosis, please contact the office for a consultation.


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