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Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Treatment with Park City, UT Area Dentist

The medical field is changing everyday with increased research and technologies. It has been determined over time that the human body has a natural regenerative process, and by harnessing the elements that contribute to this regeneration, medical professionals can provide more holistic and biocompatible solutions to common medical concerns. In dentistry, it has been found that the use of a patient’s platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, can assist in faster surgery recovery and in the management of degenerative diseases.

What is PRF?

The platelet-rich fibrin that is extracted by a patient’s blood can be reinjected elsewhere to stimulate the body’s natural regeneration and healing process. This element is similar to PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, in that it is taken from the blood and reused elsewhere. However, platelet-rich fibrin is more desirable as it has a higher concentration of platelets, white blood cells, and stem cells. This ensures better healing factors and results from PRF than PRP.

What can PRF be used for?

Many patients use PRF treatment to improve their skin, and has been used by professional athletes for faster healing and recovery following a surgery or sports injury. In dentistry, PRF is used for periodontal care. It can improve bone grafting and gum tissue when injected into the areas of concern. Dermatologists use PRF to address areas of volume loss or to make wrinkles and folds less noticeable thanks to the body’s natural collagen reproduction abilities. Research continues on PRF to find other methods of utilization that can benefit patients in the field of medicine and dentistry.

Is PRF safe?

Absolutely! Because PRF is extracted from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of allergies or biocompatibility. Instead, the dentist is using the patient’s PRF to stimulate growth and healing during a variety of dental procedures. This continues to be a process that is in high demand, especially as patients become more knowledgeable in their body’s natural processes and the types of materials that are more commonly used in dental treatments.

Interested in advanced services such as PRF treatment?

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