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The Oral Health Connection to the Heart

We already know that taking good care of our oral health has myriad benefits for our mouth. When we brush, floss, and visit Dr. Peterson regularly, we are ensuring that our oral health is in great shape, reducing our risk of cavities, gum disease, lost teeth, and more. But did you know that your oral health is connected to the health of your entire body?  It’s true!


A recent study published in the journal Inside Dentistry recently found a pretty startling statistic: did you know that up to 50 percent of all heart attacks could be caused by an oral infection? This means when we don’t care for our oral health, we could be putting our heart health in jeopardy, too!


Here’s another startling statistic for you to consider:  about half of people in their 30s have had some form of periodontal disease! This means that if left untreated, those people could be putting themselves at a greater risk of a heart attack later on down the road.


So, what can we do to ensure we are protecting our mouths- and our hearts- from danger? The good news is that it’s really easy!


Brush and Floss


When we brush and floss our teeth we remove plaque and harmful bacteria that can infect our gums and travel through our bloodstream, affecting our heart. Worse yet, did you know that they found periodontal bacteria in the brain tissue of dementia patients? 


Regular Dental Appointments


A regular, biannual appointment with Dr. Peterson is a great way to head off any oral health dangers headed your way. From gum disease to cavities, root canals, and more, visiting the dentist every six months can help diagnose, treat, and prevent these oral health issues.


Diet and Exercise


Excellent oral health may be a great way to reduce the risk to your heart, but diet and exercise are, too. If you have any questions about embarking on a healthy diet and exercise routine, speak to your physician.


If it’s time for your biannual cleaning and dental exam, it’s time to contact Dr. Peterson’s office to schedule your appointment! 

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