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Is Diamine Fluoride A Good Solution To Cavities?

A lot has been mentioned in the news lately about a dental breakthrough called diamine fluoride. Popular in other countries, diamine fluoride is just now making it to the United States, and is beginning to be used in lieu of fillings in some patients – mostly senior citizens. Diamine fluoride is similar to a fluoride treatment in its application in that it is brushed onto the teeth, but it works to stop cavities in their tracks. Some studies have shown it to be up to 70 percent effective at the first application, 90 percent at the second application weeks later. Sounds like a miracle cure, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not without its caveats.

You see, diamine fluoride does treat cavities, but it also leaves a dark silver spot where it was applied, meaning if you have a front-facing cavity, it’s going to be pretty obvious. That’s not to say that diamine fluoride isn’t a good idea for cavities, but just know that you may still want to get a resin composite covering if you do opt to get a diamine fluoride treatment.

This is an excellent time to bring up those old metal composite fillings that many people got when they were younger. No fillings were meant to last forever and should be replaced after about 20 years, or when they start to degrade. You can even get secondary decay around old fillings, so don’t be surprised if this happens and you need your fillings replaced.

Replacing metal fillings with a resin composite is a beautiful, natural-looking way to improve the appearance of your smile. Resin composite can be matched with the color of your natural teeth so it blends in seamlessly and is virtually undetectable. Best of all it feels natural. You may not even be able to tell where your natural tooth ends and your filling begins!

Other filling types include onlays, which are made by a machine much like another type of filling, a crown. Crowns and onlays are milled and fit into drilled areas of the teeth and are adhered permanently, though they may need to be replaced further down the road as well. A high quality onlay, inlay, or crown such as the kind used by Dr. Peterson should feel as natural as your biological teeth, and look natural, too.

No matter how you treat your cavities, Dr. Peterson likely has a beautiful solution that will not only remove the decayed area of your tooth, but restore it in a beautiful, natural, healthy looking way.

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