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Metal Amalgam Fillings Could Cause Allergies

Should you get a metal amalgam filling? Though this type of filling has lost popularity in recent years thanks to the resin amalgam filling which looks and feels more natural, metal amalgam fillings are still used on occasion. Though they are effective, metal amalgam fillings come with some drawbacks, as a recent case in the journal Health recently highlighted.

It seems a patient in Japan began experiencing symptoms of eczema after getting metal amalgam fillings. While rare, metal amalgam fillings can and do cause allergic reactions from time to time. In this case, that is what caused the woman’s eczema reaction.

Eczema can be caused by both allergic reaction and genetic disposition. It occurs when the body has a gene variation that prevents the skin’s ability to defend your body against allergens and bacteria. It can be caused by reactions to everything from foods to pollens, and yes, even metals.

Though reactions to metal amalgam fillings most commonly occur in the mouth, in the case of some people, including the woman mentioned in Health, eczema can occur elsewhere on the body. In the case of the woman, her eczema appeared on her feet.

Eczema appears on the body as patches of severe itchiness that may get worse at night, raised bumps that may leak fluid, dry skin, cracked skin, swollen, raw skin, or scaly skin. It can appear anywhere on the body, including the face and eyelids. Though there is no cure for eczema, it can be treated with special cream or soap which can reduce symptoms.

In the case of the woman in Japan, she was able to find some relief, but only got complete relief after having the metal amalgam fillings replaced with another type of filling. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms that coincide with the timing of your metal amalgam fillings, you may also be suffering from a metal allergy and may want to be evaluated by a dermatologist. If in fact it is determined that your metal fillings are causing an allergic reaction, Dr. Peterson can help.

Resin composite fillings are the newest advancement in fillings, and look much more natural than metal amalgam fillings. This restoration is not only medical, it’s cosmetic. If you are interested in getting your metal amalgam fillings swapped out for beautiful resin fillings, whether you have metal allergy symptoms or not, contact Dr. Peterson’s office for a consultation today.

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