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Does Eating Late Improve Sleep?

There’s no denying that social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. What began as a way to stay in touch with friends and family has morphed into a source for fun, games, and more serious things like news, reviews, and yes, even medical advice. But […]

Should You Get Turkey Teeth?

Gobble, gobble! No, it’s not Thanksgiving quite yet, but there’s a new trend going around social media and it’s got a lot of people talking turkey. It’s called “turkey teeth” and it’s got quite a few ‘hits’ on sites like TikTok. But what is it, and is it a good idea. Let’s start with the […]

Summer Oral Health Survey Results

We all know our eating habits change throughout the year. In the winter, we tend to gravitate towards heavier meals and more decadent desserts during the holidays. In the summer, we have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and tend to eat lighter. But did you know that our oral health changes with our […]

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