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What is Gestational Sleep Apnea?

Pregnancy can really take its toll on the body. From gestational diabetes to pregnancy gingivitis, there are many conditions that spring up during pregnancy that affect both mother and baby, but thankfully usually go away post-birth. One such condition is a lesser-known condition called gestational sleep apnea.  While it is unclear what causes gestational sleep […]

OSA Linked To More Illnesses

You’ve got a lot on your plate. What with work, family, and social obligations, it can be a lot for anyone to handle. Couple that with illnesses like cancer, dementia, or heart disease, and it can be disastrous. Couple that with not sleeping, and it can be even worse. Now, a new study has found […]

Should You Try Mouth Taping?

  Some of us remember our parents telling us if we don’t stop saying unkind things, we might get our mouths taped closed. But while this anecdotal childhood punishment may seem unkind itself, mouth taping is becoming a trend- but not for the reasons you may think.   You see, according to some popular TikTok […]

The Buzz on Botox

As we age, we gain many things: wisdom, confidence, and sometimes a few wrinkles. But while aging gracefully is something we all aspire to, sometimes we need a little boost in our self-confidence.  Thankfully, there are solutions that can help us look and feel our best. One of those solutions is an injectable cosmetic product […]

Pulse Oximetry Could Predict Stroke

If you have sleep apnea, you may have heard that this sleep disorder can contribute to many comorbid conditions like depression, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and even stroke. While there are still many unanswered questions as to why these conditions so frequently appear in patients who suffer from sleep apnea, much is being done […]

Preparing for Veneers

As the past year has taught us, preparation for the unexpected and the expected is key to maintaining some sense of normalcy in life. This concept applies to every area of our life – including our oral health. After all, we can’t brush our teeth without toothpaste in the house. Speaking of teeth, another area […]

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