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Protecting Your Teeth Against Stress

There’s no denying that the past two years have had their share of health woes across the globe. But one unexpected problem many of us are facing is an oral health crisis. That’s because not only are many people simply not visiting the dentist for routine care, they are also experiencing an unprecedented amount of stress-related oral health issues.


Whether it’s work stress or from the pandemic itself, stress can manifest itself in our oral health when we grind our teeth, bite our nails or chew on things like pen caps, clench our jaw, or crunch on bad-for-your-teeth foods like hard candies.  Even activities like increased smoking can damage oral health.


Here are some tips for protecting your oral health from pandemic-related and other stress.


Healthy Options


Our teeth were made to crunch, but only on food. Raw vegetables, apples, and nuts can satisfy that craving to crunch without damaging teeth – and they’re good for you, too. Skip the pen caps and fingernails and reach for something healthy if you must crunch, and if you grind your teeth, speak to Dr. Peterson about getting a custom bite guard made to protect your teeth.




Yes, the concept of relaxing is easier said than done, however, it’s important to find ways to help yourself relax in times of stress. Whether its chewing gum, diffusing essential oils, playing relaxing music, meditating, stressing, or simply stepping away from your desk and taking a walk, reducing stress is good for your mind, heart, and even your teeth!


Talk To Someone


Even if you’re not ready to go to an in-person therapy session, many therapists offer web-based appointments. Talking to a counselor can help you find ways to destress while discussing what is stressing you, which can be very beneficial.


See Dr. Peterson


Don’t skip out on your semi-annual dental appointments. It’s very important that you get your exams every six months to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Dr. Peterson can help keep your smile on track, even if stress is causing it to wane. Grinding teeth can cause chips and cracks in the teeth, while clenching the jaw can exacerbate symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. Biting nails can cause gum infections, so none of these behaviors are really harmless.


Remember, your oral health is priceless. Don’t let stress wreck your smile!


If you are ready for your next appointment with Dr. Peterson, please contact the office today!


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