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Posts From December, 2021

Sleep Apnea and Sleep Position

  Getting a good night’s sleep is a goal for many of us. Whether you run a white noise machine, diffuse oils, wear an eye mask, or simply climb into bed, we all have our rituals. But sometimes our sleep isn’t good despite our best efforts. Whether outside distractions or our own internal issues cause […]

Do You Need A Sleep Divorce?

  Sometimes when we sleep, we deal with unwanted distractions. Things like loud noises, lights, bathroom trips, and snoring can keep us up – even if they’re caused by our sleep partner. That’s because unfortunately, how we sleep affects how everyone around us sleeps, and it can have some negative side effects for both parties. […]

Income May Affect Sleep Apnea

  Our socio-economic status can impact many things in life: where we live, where we go in our free time, and how we live. It can also impact the healthcare we get, due to lack of money, support, and insurance. A new study has even found that people with lower incomes may suffer worse side […]

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