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Posts From June, 2021

Weight Cycling Could Cause Sleep Apnea

  It’s called “weight cycling,” and simply defined it means the loss and gain of weight over a lifetime. While anyone can weight cycle it is particularly common in women, as hormonal shifts can often aid in this pesky problem. As if gaining a few pounds wasn’t frustrating enough, a new study has identified yet […]

Hormonal Changes May Cause Sleep Apnea

  As we age, our bodies experience many changes, including hormonal changes in both men and women. In men, testosterone levels can be affected, and in women, estrogen levels – especially during menopause. While menopause can come with many uncomfortable side effects such as hot flashes, it can also affect other areas of your health, […]

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How Can PRF Help Skin?

  When it comes to the face and its skin and muscles, there are few people who know it better than a dentist. After all, dentists work on mouths all day and must be extremely familiar with the musculature and skin of the face in order to conduct safe procedures on patients. So naturally, it […]

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