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Orthodontics Park City, UT

Orthodontics is a treatment that aims to diagnose, prevent, and correct malpositioned teeth and jaws and misaligned bite patterns. At Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, we also focus on modifying facial growth via jaw development orthodontics.The advanced orthodontic treatments provided by Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry offer patients an opportunity for a straighter, more beautiful smile. Dr. Paul Peterson provdes the orthodontic options of Invisalign and Jaw Development Orthodontics™ to leave you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our in team of providers in orthopedics, myofunctional therapy, frenum releases, craniosacral/craniomanipulation/muscle work and total skeletal alignment (including better breathing) are available for orthodontics cases to ensure the most optimal outcome.

orthodontics park city ut


The Invisalign® process begins by taking digital scans of your teeth. These scans are then used to create virtual, computerized models where Dr. Peterson maps out and plans the intended trajectory of your teeth realignment. Using the scans and models created during the preliminary stages, aligner trays are crafted to gradually shift the alignment of your teeth to a more aesthetically desirable location.

The benefit of using Invisalign® as opposed to other orthodontic plans of treatment is that Invisalign® provides a course of treatment that maintains an aesthetically pleasing appeal during the realignment process. Other orthodontic methods of treatment make use of tools such as wires and bands that patients often do not prefer.

Jaw Development Orthodontics™

Traditional orthodontics focuses almost completely on teeth alignment. Jaw Development Orthodontics offers a very different approach. Instead, jaw development orthodontics direct attention to the base of oral health and therefore the root of many dental problems, the jaw. This approach frames malocclusion as a result of inadequate space in the mouth which is resolved through further development of the jaw. Development of the jaw is accomplished using dental appliances that stimulate bone growth via the nasopalatine nerve.

Benefits Provided By Orthodontics

Realignment of the teeth and development of the jaw provides our patients at Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry with superior dental results both aesthetically and physiologically.

  • Dental work done within the realm of orthodontics provides patients with a more attractive appearance.
  • Restructuring the position of teeth gives patients a straighter more beautiful smile while also reshaping their bite to create a more balanced face shape.
  • Physiologically, orthodontic work can result in an improved experience:
    • Eating
    • Speaking
    • Breathing

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